Women's Summit Talk

In October of this year, I had the privilege to speak at our Women's Summit at Cherrydale Baptist Church. I spoke from my heart. I said what I felt like the Lord wanted me to say.

I worked for a month every night from 9pm to sometimes 130 in the morning. I don't think I have ever poured myself into something more. This talk was woven together from life experience, God's faithfulness, scripture, and the Holy Spirit. I am not a professional speaker and this was my first talk of this type ever, so I hope that you can see past my own weaknesses to hear what God is really trying to say to you.

The file size is large, so it is in Dropbox. You can listen to it by clicking the link below.


Also, when you are done, hop on over to White Peach Pottery where you can download a copy of the beautiful printables that Marianne created to go with my talk.


I hope you will enjoy this and be blessed.