This page is filled with the images and bios of the women who make this collective possible. They lend their talents and gifts to tell stories that make us laugh, cry, and relate to one another. We hope this page keeps filling up as we look to expand our community of writers and editors who catch our vision and want to take part in making it a reality. They do this sacrificially on a voluntary basis, so we are so grateful to them!



Ashley is a pastor’s wife, mom and Southern girl at heart living in Northern Virginia. She loves exploring the riches of God’s Word, long chats with friends, and experiencing life’s everyday joys with her family. You can follow their adventures on Instagram @aegass. 


Becky grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. After living in Tennessee for a few years, she and her husband moved to the Atlanta metro area. She is mom to two amazing girls who fill her heart with joy. Becky works in higher education, and enjoys being with her family, gardening, hiking, and occasionally sticking her feet in the creek. She now makes her home just north of Atlanta, where she can still catch a glimpse of the mountains from time to time.




Deborah first jumped on the pilgrim trail at 19 when she left Mother England to attend the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire (go Packers, go Bluegolds). Since then, almost half her adult life has been spent in the US, between Wisconsin, Texas (where she produced a Texan) and now Virginia. She came here for school, but fell in love with Christian Radio, Christian fiction, Reese's, and root beer. In her mind, the call to play bass for Chris Tomlin or Bethel could come any day, but hopefully not before a multi-book series contract. In reality she's a military wife and mom who writes, helps lead worship, screams for the Packers, skis and bakes a lot.