This page is filled with the images and bios of the women who make this collective possible. They lend their talents and gifts to tell stories that make us laugh, cry, and relate to one another. We hope this page keeps filling up as we look to expand our community of writers and editors who catch our vision and want to take part in making it a reality. They do this sacrificially on a voluntary basis, so we are so grateful to them!


Ashley-Writer (@aegass)

Ashley is a pastor’s wife, mom and Southern girl at heart living in Northern Virginia. She loves exploring the riches of God’s Word, long chats with friends, and experiencing life’s everyday joys with her family. You can follow their adventures on Instagram. 

Becky Tankersley-Editor (@beckytank)

Becky grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. After living in Tennessee for a few years, she and her husband moved to the Atlanta metro area. She is mom to two amazing girls who fill her heart with joy. Becky works in higher education, and enjoys being with her family, gardening, hiking, and occasionally sticking her feet in the creek. She now makes her home just north of Atlanta, where she can still catch a glimpse of the mountains from time to time.


Deborah Hackett-Writer (@debberh1)

Debb first jumped on the pilgrim trail at 19 when she left Mother England to attend the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire (go Packers, go Blugolds). Since then, almost half her adult life has been spent in the U.S., between Wisconsin, Texas (where she produced a Texan), and now Virginia. She came here for school but fell in love with Christian radio, Christian fiction, Reese’s, and root beer. In her mind, the call to play bass for Chris Tomlin or Bethel could come any day, but hopefully not before the multi-book series contract. In reality, she’s a military wife and mom who writes, helps lead worship, screams for the Packers, skis, and bakes avidly.


Janet Kibler-Writer (@yuppygranolamom)

Janet graduated from Marymount University with a degree in Interior Design. After several years, Janet left the corporate world to become a full-time SAHM to son, Braxton, and daughter, Ainsley. Janet and her husband, Jamie, love to binge watch British comedies. Janet loves experimenting with essential oils, cooking vegetarian and vegan dishes for her unsuspecting family and friends, and keeps her design skills current with the occasional project through her home business. As the mother of a child on the autism spectrum, she is especially focused on implementing strategies for serving families of children with special needs.


Heather Waldorf-Writer (@heatherwaldorf)

Heather is a wife and mom of 3 living in the mountains of NC. She left her 15 year tenure as an event planner for a major ministry to follow the call to be a full time work from home mom. Wearing many hats, she loves to coach others in their health journey through her own business and works for a online fitness journal company managing their customer service.. She doesn't claim to be a writer, but she has a passion for sharing experiences, making others laugh, and encouraging others. She also enjoys hunting, baking pies, the beach, coffee, Jesus, and traveling to far away places. 



Laura Pedemonti-Writer (@lolapeds718)

Laura is a relatively new transplant to NOVA, has a background in both education and counseling.  It’s no surprise that you can find her happily researching, studying and empathetically analyzing all things from monomials to microbiomes.  She loves flossing, taking kitchen risks with her husband, dreaming about her next career and passionately pursuing health on all levels - gut, soul, heart, body, mind.    


Toni Shiloh-Writer (@tonishiloh)

Toni is a wife, mom, and Christian fiction writer. Once she understood the powerful saving grace thanks to the love of Christ, she was moved to honor her Savior. She writes to bring Him glory and to learn more about His goodness.

Amber Crafton-Writer

Amber grew up in Virginia, graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a degree in English, lived in Mexico as a missionary for four years, and has finally landed in St. Louis, MO, working as a professional nanny of multiples, an editor, a missions coordinator, and a newby postpartum doula. She is also a closet writer and has a passion for stories of any kind, believing that each one is important and deserves expression. When she’s not reading or drinking coffee with friends, you’ll find her writing her heart novel, the scripts for a collaborative YouTube web series, or blogging ( She’s also very likely knitting while engaging in a variety of Twitter shenanigans (@amsoverhorizons) and chronicling precious moments of life and faith on Instagram (@godslittlegirl).

Amber Crafton December 2012 (113) cropped.jpg

Andrea Carpenter-Writer

Andrea grew up in New England and lives in Arlington, VA with her husband and son. She has long been interested in human development and vocational satisfaction and works in career services in higher education. She enjoys reading and baking and is attempting (with varied success) to landscape her small patio.


Jen Muncy-Writer

Jen lives in Virginia with her husband, Dustin, and their two kids, Cooper (4) and Olivia (2). She's a stay at home mom. She'll tell you that is no small feat... it's the toughest job she's ever had, but the most fulfilling by a long shot. 

HS .jpg

Kathleen C. Morris-Writer

Kathleen wears many hats including, in order of appearance, daughter, friend, lawyer, wife, and mother.  Most importantly, she loves Jesus. She fled the cars and craze of the DC lifestyle for the cows and countryside of East Tennessee where she lives with her husband, 2 kids, and 1 dog.  Kathleen is an eczema warrior, takes personal time at the expense of other responsibilities without apology, and really dislikes coffee.


Laura Chambers Crist-Writer

Laura is a recovering congressional communicator and political junkie who is currently majoring in motherhood and minoring in wanderlust. She is renowned as the first person to be (self) diagnosed with the newly-discovered CFPD (compulsive floral purchasing disorder), which is exacerbated by frequent trips to Trader Joe’s. She resides on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., in Alexandria, Virginia, with her husband Greg, son Reid, and - eventually - the furry playful pup of her dreams.

IMG_0455 (1).jpg

Laura Moore-Writer

Laura is a mom of two, wife of one that also works outside the home on a part-time basis as a nurse. She dabbles in pottery, calligraphy, blogging, Bible teaching, exercising, cooking, baking, traveling, and even fine-dining on occasion. It is her joy to be a part of this group as someone who is growing and changing with life’s surprise twists and turns.  She is learning to cling to the irresistible hope of an unchanging, loving God who is graciously ordering and sustaining all things for His glory and our good. 

Abby Larsen-Writer

Abby hails from the cornfields of the Midwest. There she raises her young son, with her husband Brian, and is in lay leadership at her local church's ministry to women. Abby holds a degree from Moody Bible Institute in Communications and Bible. She has had the privilege to work in children's, youth, women's and Communications ministries in various churches around the country. Abby is passionate about sharing God's Word so they too can fall deeper in love with Jesus and the Scripture.  Most of the time you will find her sitting in the sunroom of her 1930's bungalow drinking coffee. 

abby new.jpg (5).jpg

Dawn Summers-Writer

Dawn is an Illinois transplant and a native Pennsylvania country girl at heart. She is wife to her hilarious hubby, Chris and fur-mama to a lovable boxer named Charley. Dawn is on staff at her church as the Director of Children’s Ministries and delights in leading little ones to fall in love with God and His Word. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking ethnic cuisine, watercolor art, farmer’s markets and herb gardening. Dawn also blogs about how to live simply amidst God’s grace at