Product Girl Says...

Confucius says, "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. "

I'm certainly no Confucius, but I do know a thing or two about health & beauty products.  I am what one might call a "product girl."

My linen cabinet used to be filled with different soaps, hair products, moisturizers, name it. After some trial and error, I have stopped loading up on product and now purchase what I know really works. 

From the perfect lipstick to things I never thought I would try,  I say...

Honest Face + Body Lotion

Someone gave me a set of honest bath and body products for my daughter. I loved the lotion and it made her skin feel so smooth. I noticed that it wasn't gooey and sticky, and that it absorbed quickly. It's also all natural and safe enough to use on a baby. I had been trying all different types of lotions to cure my post-pregnancy skin. One day I thought I would try this and I love it. I keep a bottle on my dresser and on hers. I use it confidently knowing its clear of harmful ingredients and it really works. 

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface Cleaner

I visited a barre class and noticed that the cleaner that everyone was using to spray down their mats after class smelled divine. I was told that it was Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Cleaner in "Basil." As a human who is super sensitive to smell, I just adore how my house and car smells after using this stuff. It gives my car interior and dashboard a clean, new car scent. It's delicious.

Suave Professionals

People always told me how well Suave worked but, being a product snob, I always bought the expensive salon stuff. I tried this once in a rush when I had no other option and I was super impressed. It really does work well and makes my naturally curly hair super smooth. I typically use the Almond and Shea butter and have recently tried the Rosemary and Mint, which I really like as well. 

Almay Make-up Remover Pads

I love these! Most eye make-up removers have oil in them, so my eyes feel slimy and blurry after use. These pads clean without irritating. They are also great first thing in the morning to wake up tired eyeballs. 

Tarte: Lights, Camera, Lashes

Finding good mascara has been an endless journey of trial and error for me. My two runners up would be Dior and Benefit, but after using all three, I keep going back to Tarte. It stays on, but doesn't feel crusty or heavy. It also comes off easily but doesn't run. How did they do that? Who knows? I will just apply and enjoy. :)

Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser

As someone who admittedly has large pores, this stuff really does reduce their appearance. I use it in the shower and have seen actual results since I started using it last year. 

Body Benefits Bath Gloves

I used to use those fluffy poof things to wash off in the shower until I discovered these. You just FEEL so much cleaner and they exfoliate so much better than other scrubbers. I started using bath gloves when I was pregnant and I haven't turned back since.

Dove Purely Pampering

I discovered Dove Purely Pampering when a friend left a bottle at my house by accident. Like any self-respecting hostess, of course I tried it. ;) This stuff is the ultimate in getting smooth, clean skin. Paired with the bath gloves, this is a totally luxurious experience. Forget expensive scrubs, this is it. 

Party Proof Lipstick

I discovered Party Proof Lipstick in a Birch Box. I really love how smooth and light it is. It doesn't feel waxy and sticky. It stays on, but doesn't dry to the lip. My favorite color so far is "Dusk til Dawn."

Revlon Gel Nail Envy

I went to my favorite nail salon the other day (Present Nails-for you DC folks) and as I was checking out after my "Lavishing Lavender" pedicure (I know, right?), the owner complimented my finger nails and said how great of a job "she" did. "She" had only done my toes. My nails were the product of about $10 and 5 minutes at home with Revlon's Gel Nail Envy. There is no harsh light or special removal. All you do is put on two coats of color, add the diamond top coat, and let dry. You can remove it with regular nail polish remover. If you re-apply the diamond top coat daily you can get a good 5-7 days out of one application without chipping. Its amazing!!!!

I love so many products! I hope this helped and can save you some time and money. You can live vicariously through my trial and error. Until the next review, happy shopping!