So, here I am typing with one hand and snuggling baby Olive in my other arm. I'm feeling rather unmotivated to work today. Honestly, I'd rather just nap on our recliner with her and watch reruns of "The Voice." I realized this morning that I could use a bit of a pick-me-up to get my week going. 

Here are a few little slices of inspiration that I found on the web. These messages may be helpful in getting things started. 

1. Some food for thought...

2. Will this help me feel less guilty if I don't do my Jillian Michael's "Extreme Shed and Shred" video today?

3. I vote that this becomes our Monday mantra.

4. I feel like this would be the most amazing April Fool's joke ever! Next year?

5. This....because sometimes its hard enough just keeping up with yourself.

6. You can't go wrong either way. 

7. There are things you can overcome this week...just have faith. :)

8. FRIEND!!! Get yourself some java, make a "to-do" list, embrace today, and don't let this happen to you...