First Picking Trip of the New Year!

My blog has come a long way since its humble beginnings, but its always fun to take time to revisit the reason behind it's existence.

It all started with the suggestion that I start blogging about all of my antiquing trips and keep everyone in the loop on what's out there, and the best places to go around northern Virginia.

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Anna, scooped up this very pregnant lady and whisked her away to the magical land of Lucketts near Leesburg, Virginia. It was a sunny but chilly January day, and we happened upon quite a few lovely treasures and home decor inspiration. 

We made the somewhat lengthy drive from Alexandria to Leesburg in about an hour. I was delighted to see the small town charm of this tucked away land of antiques, including a sign for Saturday Night Bluegrass. That's when I knew I would love this place. 

We began our excursion at the famous "Old Lucketts Store," and were immediately swept away by vintage lust. 


There were a few pieces of furniture that really caught my eye. My only regret is that I don't have a bigger car or a bigger house because it felt like everything was adorable and on sale.

I love this piece! I could see it as a hutch in a dining area or in a bedroom. 

The metal wiring makes this hutch look a bit "cagy," but I found myself surprisingly drawn to it.

This cabinet is adorable and could be used for so many things. I think it could display dishes or hold linens, but I could also see it in a kitchen with tea cups and bakeware. Love, love, love!!!



One of the main things that I always look for, while out hunting for vintage treasures, is fashion. Some of my best outfits are decades old. They have stood the test of time and are classic looks that can be mixed with modern pieces. We went up to the top floor of Lucketts and happened upon an attic-like room full of amazing clothes and accessories. It was like grandma's attic times ten! Jackpot!

Hat, coats, jewels, oh my!

So many Pinterest projects in this bowl...

Joy Cho made a youtube video about fashion and used a fun hodge-podge of different antique broaches to decorate the upper left side of a jean jacket. You could even use these with a scarf, on a solid sweater, or to even bling out a plain pair of ballet flats.

And this little gem...I wish I had somewhere to wear it. :)


The Yard

After picking through three floors of vintage goodies, it was time to explore the porch and yard. I love this huge door. I have no idea what I would do with it or where I would put it, but it made me want to figure something out.

This area doesn't look like much, but I wanted to clean it up, make it over, stage some more chairs, and host a garden party. Can't you see it? Some hanging white lights...finger beverages on a Spring night...yup, this is working for me...


BeeKeeper's Village

If Lucketts wasn't enchanting enough, we headed next door to the BeeKeeper's Cottage...

We walked in, turned the corner, and BLING!!!!! Needless to say, I felt right at home...

BeeKeeper 2_WE.jpg

Look at that sneaky photographer in the subtle...

BeeKeeper 3_WE.jpg

I'll take one of each...


After an enjoyable day drinking in all the antique sites and sounds, we headed to quaint, downtown Leesburg for lunch. We chose Georgetown Cafe for a hot beverage and a bite to eat. Their menu is based on foods from the 1700s in sandwich form. We even tried peanut soup. It was a hearty end to a fun day of picking.