Style is Back in Style

I notice fashion. I feel like I've always noticed fashion. I guess I was born with an eye for style, but I must say that it comes from a long line of pretty fabulous relatives.

When I was little my grandmother let me play with all of her vintage clothes, costume jewelry, and shoes. I remember putting on my grandma's silver stilettos and her long peach chiffon dress. I would cascade down her stairs then escape to the basement apartment where there was a jewelry box full of my nana's costume jewelry. I would load up on bling and proceed to prance around the house like a little fashion victim.

Several years ago, my grandmother bestowed upon me her box of family pictures. Actually, I really should call it a historical archive. There are photos in there of my Nana and Pop Pop from when they were first married in the early 1900's. I even found some pictures of my grandma as a baby. She was born in 1927, so that gives you an idea of how old these photos are. There are pics of relatives, friends, weddings, vacations, children, holidays-you name it. I loved going through the box and seeing my grandparents and great aunts and uncles in there younger days. 

As the official Barone family historian, I organized all the pictures by side of the family and timeline. In the midst of my organizing efforts, I came across some stellar shots of my relatives that were proof of where my love for style stems from. I set those photos aside in a bag I called "stylized" to use later for a photo collage.

Since this blog is all about vintage and food for our souls, I thought, why not feast our style appetites on these amazing outfits. So, I put together this gallery so you can join me in drooling over the clothes and getting pump for your next vintage shopping adventure. 

These photos stem from a time where people really dressed to go out. No yoga pants here. Gloves, hats, and purses mixed with heels and scarves for the ladies, and men's suits with high waists and short ties. Classic!!! There are parents, grandparents, newlyweds, and even kids dressed in their best and ready for the camera. I also added the song below so you can listen as you browse. Just double click on the first photo in each group to open up a light box for viewing.

So, without further delay, have a listen and be inspired!