The Word for Today is CRAVINGS

Hello Friends, 

Welcome to Day 3 of our 5 day juice cleanse. Day 2 went much like day one and Day 3 (today), but there are some noticeable differences. So, I figured I would just jump ahead to Day 3 since the observations were basically the same.

The dull headache is still hanging around. I have taken to drinking lots of caffeine-free herbal tea to handle the "in between." I have also been snacking on sliced tomato, avocado, and blackberries in order to avoid eating my own arm off. 

I went to bed late last night, but felt very rested this morning. Surprisingly, I had a lot of energy this morning and cleaned the lower level of the house before starting work. My eyes look bright and bloating has greatly reduced. (I can tell because my wedding ring keeps swirling around my finger.) I have also noticed a light "burning" sensation in my tummy, which I think some people call hunger, but I'm trying to ignore it. 

With that said, food cravings definitely set in yesterday and have continued on through today. I find the items that I desire to eat very interesting. My cravings include Progresso vegetable soup, doritos, and buffalo chicken sandwiches. What does that mean?

I did Barre yesterday and it felt great to work out. I am going to try and do Jazzercise today and see how I do with more cardio. 

I will check back in on Day 5 with more info. I'm off to fill my water bottle and snack on some spinach. :)