Beets, Carrots, and Lettuce, Oh my!

Hi Friends, 

I've had a "first" this week. Yes, I have embarked on my first ever juice fast/cleanse. My dear, sweet husband Michael did one a year or so ago and lost 10lbs. Everything about him improved-his mood, his senses, his health-he was alert and there was a noticeable change in his sleep habits.

As we prepare to squeeze ourselves into formal attire, for his sister's upcoming nuptials, we asked ourselves, "What better way to launch into a diet plan than with a cleanse?"

As a first-timer, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much easier it was than I thought. Of course, I am only on Day 2, but here is a little recap of Day 1 to let you know what may be ahead if you choose to join forces with us, or do a cleanse sometime down the road.

Day 1: I deem this "The Day of the Headache"

What stands out to me most about Day 1 is the splitting headache I had all day. What probably stands out to my friends, co-workers, and family is what a grouch I was to anyone I came in contact with. So, my first tip is to try to stay at home if you are fasting, and if you have to leave the house, try not to talk to anyone, k? Now, before you get scared away and don't at least give this a try, allow me to explain. The headache is actually a good sign. It means that you ARE detoxing, so just fight through it and keep going. By Day 2, my headache was gone. You will also pee A LOT, but like the headache, the intensity will drop off later in the week.

A few tips for Day 1:

-Drink a ton of water. I lived on water with lemon. Water, water, water...

-Do not try to work out. I would, however, suggest you do some stretching. 

-Have a plan going in so you don't waver. Prepare weeks before and purge your kitchen of any temptation.

Well, that is all for now. I will be back tomorrow to give you the Day 2 recap. Stay tuned ;)