Because It's About Giving Back

Retail therapy, or so we call it in the first world, is a way for us to sooth ourselves when we feel stressed or overwhelmed by life. Maybe we're sad because Starbucks ran out of peppermint syrup or mourning the loss of, yet another, herb garden. 

In my shop-a-holic, materialistic, first-world existence, I sometimes stop and wonder how on earth I can give back. What does a 9-5 working city girl do about global poverty or homelessness?

I'm glad you care enough to ask. ;)

I came across this terrific website today called Givington's ( Basically, they focus on fair trade/fair price for highly desired items, and are willing to give anywhere between 30-50% of the profit to an organization of your choosing. That's right, YOU choose a charity from their list, and they will show you what percentage of that purchase will go towards that organization. 

The products are great for everyday use or for gifts. I thought this was such a fun way to purchase items and, at the same time, support charities that are making a real difference in our world. 

And I have to say, their apparel is super adorbs.