Juice Diet/Cleanse Wrap Up

Friday afternoon felt good. I couldn't believe I had made it all week on this juice diet. I have to say that I lost weight, felt better, and became evermore so keenly aware of what I am putting in my  mouth. I definitely think that I will continue to incorporate juicing into my daily life, here and there, to replace meals and reap the nutrient benefits.

The main question I was asked during the process was what program I was doing. I have to admit, we kinda made it up. Well no, not kinda, we made it up. :)

The basic schedule went something like this...

Breakfast-Juice (combo of your choosing)

Lunch-Juice (combo of your choosing)

Dinner-no solids until after 4 and after that only proteins and veggies

During the fast we did not eat dairy, carbs, bread, white flower, sugar, or nuts.

To battle hunger, we used bananas, sliced fresh veggies, and avocados. 

The main changes were reduction in bloating, mental awareness, "lighter" feeling, better sleep, suppressed hunger, and feeling full.