It's a Wonderful Life

Pregnancy is a marvel. A little, teeny, tiny human being growing inside of you. Feeling the kicks and swishes of a life becoming a person. Fingers forming, hair color being determined-it's all so wonderful, yet overwhelming at the same time. 

At the beginning there wasn't very much wonder and amazement. There were weird cravings, heartburn, and total exhaustion. I often wondered how women did it. I was sick all day every day. My body was sacrificed for this child from the moment of conception. I went from outings with friends over fine wine to nights at home snacking on tums.

However, the second trimester has been as magical as everyone has said. No more nausea. I feel almost normal. It started with a surge of energy and getting back in the gym. I also got back on track with my diet and was feeling really good. Then, something hit me like getting side-lined from a tackle.-UTTER EXHAUSTION!!!

Pregnancy also brings many deeps questions to light like"Does that lady who said I didn't look pregnant think I look this fat all the time?" and "If I eat this bag of Entenmann's chocolate donuts will I feel bad or worse if I don't?"

In these moments, when pregnancy gets the better of me and hormones control my every thought, I think on these words of wisdom from one of my bosses at work..."Tara, it's all for a good cause." And it truly is. The tears over shoes and clothes that don't fit. The never ending surges of hormones and heartburn. Look on the bright side though, no one can judge you in a bathing suit or for going for thirds on the buffet line because, yup, YOUR PREGNANT.

In the midst of a lot of craziness surrounding our lives, Michael and I had the opportunity to shut the world out in a sonogram room and watch, what turned out to be a little girl, floating around gracefully yet helplessly in my womb. 

We heard a heartbeat and it got real.

We get so caught up in the bull crap and we take so many things for granted, that we rarely ever stop to see life and how amazing it is.

All this to say? Well, it is a wonderful life. ;)